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Sep 24, 2019 12:27

As my guitar`s gently weeping
tonight is not for seeing people
or kids playing around
(so dear to my heart)
tonight I`ll share a memory of you

I recall a sunny porch
in a day of middle August
bikes along the sea
Agnese with me
the sand burning
and I don`t know why
I could not forget about her

She liked to let me know
how everybody felt about
her body her beauty
so I am feeling now
how I used to feel then

I don't get still
if I was jealous then or I am imprisoned now
by such a gloomy day
and a painful scorching desire
slowly but surely, if I keep drinking as I do
my fucking poisoning liquors
it is clear that those days I did not forget
they`re burning in my soul

the sun just came out
the gloomy sky
the winter is around the corner
and it feels so strange to think that
Agnese is not here
how I wish dear, how I wish
that I kissed you once at least

I go biking around
I don't feel a thing
it is five in the morning
I breathe foggy air
and cannot forget her
sitting on the steer
singing a song