The Sisters

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Feb 27, 2019 12:51
The Sisters

The first three short-stories of Dubliners have as a main theme the relationship between elder and youth generation. In the "Sister" a teenager and an old priest share a very intimate relation. After the death of the priest, Father Flynn, the young boy feels both depressed and relieved; their friendship was private and almost unhealthy. The day after receiving the news, the kid`s family goes to the priest house to pay visit. Father Flynn`s sisters recall the moment when he become sick. It was just after dropping a chalice during mass. That episode worked for him as a trauma, after that he was barely able to normally function.
The large meaning of this story is to be found in the catholic education that Ireland imparted to his children. Church, at that time, was still the primary source of knowledge for everybody. The priest taught him history, Latin, and posed to him the first important questions he had to try to reply in his life. However, all this knowledge, all these tick secrete books that talk about moral and theology are fragile as a chalice falling and breaking into pieces. A single doubt can destroy the psyche of a person who is not use to reflect and decide by himself.
In the context of the short collection the first novel has of a particular regard. Joyce disseminates the text of hints that gathered together form an interesting picture.
Paralysis gnomon and simony are the three key words that stand out in the first part of the story. The boy recalled the priest paralysis and associate such unknown words to the other two; these words stay respectively for immobility incompleteness and selling ecclesiastical privileges.