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Dec 22, 2013 19:49

I really enjoy my job not because it so hard that makes me feel great but more because there is a creative part that I really like.
For example I always choose an extra activity to do after lessons that doesn't imply grammar or exercise at all. It is more about listening a italian song and finding an equivalent in its mother tongue or something like that.
Also, during lesson time, I try to faciitate learning through activity that are better suited to each single student. There are students that love italian cinema and students that prefer opera, I just try to address everyone to their own interests.
It is very easy to me because I'mm not a kind of person that is really into just one thing,I' not a scholar, a man of learning, I'm more a person that know a little of everything that concerns literature drama cinema music poetry etc.
So that's a good part of my job.
But this part hides a weakness. A very unsuitable thing.
I'll talk later about it!