A Wolf and Crows

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Nov 14, 2017 08:33
Today, I watched a documentary show on a wolf’s life in Romania. The wolf was a leader of the family. One day, one male wolf challenged to the leader and beat him. The fallen leader has the freedom to choose to stay as a family member or leave the family. If he chooses the former one, he is strongly prohibited to procreate and only works for as a guard man of the group. He immediately decided to leave the family. This means that he needs to have a hunt to live by himself. Because wolves generally hunt in a group, it is very tough to get games alone. They say that many of such single wolves die of hunger soon.
To the contrary, the wolf became friends with crows. The crows find animals for him from sky and tell him where they are. After all, the wolf succeeded in the hunt, and the crows got a share of the games. I was really astonished that they can build a win-win relationship. If possible I want to listen to their conversation.
Thank you for reading.
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