...Such a Depressing Entry (reader discretion recommended) :]

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Apr 30, 2011 15:12
I'm in California, US, on a "family" trip at the moment.
This trip has been very helpful and even refreshing to me so far in that it's revealed the decisive and irreversible incompatibility among us.

Last night frustration and a sense of despair swept over me. I could only resort to sobbing to myself in my bed for a good one hour or so.
It surely had a bit of a cathartic effect on me, leaving me with an expected splitting headache and miserably swollen eyes.

About thirty minutes or so ago they burst into blaming me for incessantly being ill-tempered and screwing up their trip. I'm just not capable of doing anything about it. What are you supposed to do when you find your own family the most despicably obnoxious creature on this planet?
How can I stop feeling like destroying myself?

I wish I had two lives or more so I could experience killing myself and still have a second chance. Not that I'm desperately wanting to die or anything, but I envy a girl we had back in my high school, who created hydrogen sulfide in her bathroom and killed herself. My life could've been ended just like that too.

I'm everybody's pain in the ass. Apparently I don't even have the right to feel whatever I want to feel.

This is just another one of me being desperately emotional and stuff. Never take this seriously. Thank you.

Now ignore the content and help improve my English, please >_<;