Oh, my.

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Sep 23, 2009 16:04
I'd been absenting myself from writing for the last 2 days. Laaazy me:P

Today in the morning, on a train, I was standing in front of a mum and a daughter sitting on the seat. The little girl was drawing pictures on a notebook with crayons.
I took out my lovely word book from my sack and started memorising some English words, when I heard the mum's seriously irritated voice saying 'Why can't you draw correctly?' Then she suddenly grabbed the crayon from the girl's hand and began lecturing on how to draw pictures 'properly'.

(pointing the pictures on the paper)
'Alright. This is a face you've already drawn, right? It's of this size so this seashell must be smaller than that, understand?'

(Again snatching the crayon from her daughter)
'Why can't you use the flat part of a crayon when you spread the colour? Why can't you use the sharp part instead when you draw a line?'

(Drawing by herself an example of how a crab should be like)
'How can a crab look like yours? Its body must shape like this and their legs are supposed to look this way. OK?'

The girl was literally tearing her hair out, still trying to meet up with her mum's strict criteria. I, having witnessed all that, could do nothing but be staring at them for a while, with my mouth wide open. After a moment, though, I came to myself and then proudly granted her a designation of 'the crappiest mum that I've ever seen in my entire life'.
Look at your daughter's embarrased face. Being denied every bit of her precious creations, that would otherwise be liberated all over the field of notebook.
I was deeply grieving over all what's presumably happening in the life of this innocent little girl.

After all that, I found myself getting off the train, holding a tremendous ammount of frustration being pent up inside me.

I know this entry is really 'lame'. I painfully feel that.
Still, thank you for sparing the time to read all this!
Don't forget to be harsh on correcting my English:D