'50 first dates'

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Aug 26, 2009 02:26
Only a moment ago I finished watching this movie, '50 first dates'. The script, acting, location...everything in it made the whole movie so touching and heartwarming. To put it briefly, the story is about a woman who's lost her short-term memory and a man who fell for her. To me it arguably is one of the most successful 'tearjerkers' that I've ever seen.

You actually can see it uploaded on You Tube so all those devoted to love story movies, do go and check it! (let the copyright thingy pass for this time XP)

Only 1 week left before my departure to NZ and yet I haven't gotten around to starting packing so far...I know I'm such a huge procrastinator.
It always happens somehow that I feel less and less passinate as it gets closer to a certain event, either a significant or trivial one. I'm absolutely sure that ahead of me await wonderful experiences in NZ, surrounded by an utterly different atmosphere. I'm just being a helpless sloth at the moment...maybe worse than them. 'cause me being lazy doesn't contribute a tiny bit to the whole ecosystem or something...
(I'm so drowsy I can't come up with a better thing to write. lol)

Thank you for sparing some of your valuable time to read all this:D
Make sure to be harsh on correcting my English!