Proposal to Improve Transport and Housing Facilities in OUr Town

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Apr 15, 2014 00:20
The main aim of this proposal is to make suggestions for improving transport and housing facilities in our town in order to use properly the grant from The International Development Agency. Having look at the current situation regarding transport and housing facilities in our town I have considered how we can make changes and improve them.

Suggestions and Recommendations
It is perfectly clear that public transport has to be comfortable and convenient. However, it is thought that the bus system in our town is not extensive at present. We have to change buses twice to go from the city centre to the newest shopping mall.
I propose organising the public bus system effectively so that we can go almost anywehre by bus.

Housing Facilities
For the past three years, burglary has been the most frequently committed crime in our town. Local police statistics show that people living in low-rent public housing have a high possibility of becoming victims of burglary. It is absolutely certain that the cause of burglary there is the lack of burglary alarm systems.
I believe the most effective way of reducing the incidence of burglary would be to set up a security alarm system in each of the low-rent public housing facilities.

If you are to improve transport and housing facilities in our town, it is vital that you introduce some, if not all, of the above measures.