I've told a friend that I've decided to help people who are...

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Mar 28, 2019 03:41
I've told a friend that I've decided to help people who are willing to learn a new language, and no one sounds interested in it. Then, my friend said nobody is willing to accept such a challenge, people don't want to challenge themselves. Well, I kind of agree and I've been avoiding Japanese and my writing skills as well.
Nowadays learn a new language is quite easy, and I mean, of course, you need to practice all those boring factors, and maybe those boring stuff are exciting for you, but I`m more like an organic guy, I like speaking and listening because they sound much more alive to me. My laziness at writing and reading can be also considered, although I'm working on that.
The point is that even though I considered myself good at it, I've been avoiding a lot of duties regarding learning new languages and improving the ones that I already know, That's why I shouldn't judge people who don't want to be bilingual and fluent in a second language. This whole thing only gives me the strength to buckle down and get things done.