Everywhere we look we see color, it's quite important in our li...

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Apr 1, 2019 01:12
Everywhere we look we see color, it's quite important in our life and it places an important role in the way that one expresses its feelings and messages. Color can help us to make decisions, choose the food and alert us of the coming danger and so forth. Therefore, understanding colors and its property and meaning can help you to become a better design and artist.
Hence, color is the property of what we see when we interact with light and other objects. To be straight, color can be either light absorbed or reflected into our eyes. Light travels and waves and when different wavelengths reach the cones of our eyes we see what we call color.
The biggest source of light in our solar system is obviously the sun. it emits pure white light, actually, it's not white at all though. It a fusion of all the different wavelengths combined. When all of the wavelengths combine and reflect back into our eyes we see what we call white color.
Each color has its own different wavelength and frequency. Red has the longest wavelength, while Violet has the highest frequency with the shortest wavelength, due to it, once the wavelength gets shorter than Violet's wavelength we get ultraviolet and is no longer perceived naturally.
In sum, light travels and it can be absorbed or reflected, in order to get white, all the wavelengths and frequencies need to be added and combined. As a result of this absorbing and reflecting thing, we begin to see different colors in our world.