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Oct 27, 2013 17:36
Nowadays, statistics show us that more than 75% of families who live in developed countries have more than one car at their home. Besides, it is a fact that our cars take us a lot of time, money and and why no problems too. However, have you really ever imagine how it would be your life without a car?. I am sure that to many people would be unthinkable. For them would be a really nightmare. I definitely believe that the car is one of the most useful inventions of human being whose target is really to make us our lives easier. Nonetheless, as far as I am concerned , in today´s society the car has become the principal actor of our lives, because actually our car is the first factor that indicates our social status.

To begin with, many people are used to spending most of their time into their cars not only along their work time but also in their leisure. They do not know what to do without their car. They feel unprotected if they do not have their car keys in their hands which means that they have to be fiddling nervously with their car keys all the time.

In addition, another aspect of having a car really enslavely is the amount of money that people usually invest in their car. For example you have to pay a lot of taxes, car insurance, fines and not to mention if you have a car crash, in this case the consecuences can be very serious and thus it can mortgage all your life.

Futhermore, the rise in the amount of cars in cities has a definitely negative impact on nature, because of its most important consecuence, the alarming rise in the levels of pollution.

To sum up, it is obvious that car is something neccesary in todays´s society. However we should not allow them to control our lives. Our car has to be a tool it self, not a determining factor of our lives.