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Sep 6, 2017 03:57 Compilation
Swallows often build their nests in the space underneath eaves.
It's said that this is because humans keep their enemies away from their nests.
They take advantage of humans.

I'm afraid of becoming addicated to gambling.
I'm not good at controlling myself.
If I enjoy gambling, I may become deeply obsessed with it.
This is what I'm afraid of.
I've never been to Las Vegas, and I intend to keep it that way.

The water in rivers comes from rain.
This means that all that water used to be in the air.
The same is true of every river, no matter how much water it may contain.
It's hard for me to imagine.

Genuine items are expensive, third-party items lack credibility, and used items have short lives.
Each of them has its own merits and demerits.

To grow into mosquitoes that bite a human breeds, wigglers should float up and sink down in muddy water while drinking it.
The above was the old commercial song of a mosquito coil in Japan.

Low-cost items are alays in demand.

Rich people who wish they were poor sometimes appear in fiction.
They are really disgusting.
For example, I watched "Moomins on the Riviera" the other day.
In it, a rich character Marquis Mongaga said that he wished that he lived like a bohemian, and that he wouldn't mind even if he lost everything in exchange for a humble cottage and some cheap wine.
However, as soon as he actually sipped the cheap wine, he spat it out, and said that he couldn't drink such an awful thing.
It's funny but I couldn't see myself being his friend.