Billy Milligan: 24 personalities in one body.

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Oct 19, 2013 21:08
A full name of this unique man is William Stanley Milligan. He was born in 1955 and, in just a while, he got into every psychiatry book. It is supposed that double personality means a man divides into two personalities inside one body and can't get along with himself. Anyway, every person has got this, but the extreme cases are named with complex psychiatric terms.
Among 24 Billy Milligan's personalities there were 10 main and others were suppressed for something amoral they had done. It was a great honour for the scientists to be introduced to the inhabitants of the mind "Billy Milligan":

- As a matter of fact, Billy, who was the key personality and constantly tried to commit a suicide. At 16 he tried to jump down from the roof, but other personalities didn't allow this and put him to sleep for 6 years and he was rarely permitted to appear. For Billy every awakening was a shock as he thought he was dead.
- Arthur, a very intelligent man, he was in charge for an order in the relations between the personalities.
- Reijen Vadaskovinich, he was a communist from Yugoslavia and was fond of karate and weapons. When Billy got into a prison, Reijen became the main and decided who could appear.
- Allen was a sly cheat, but even because of him Billy and сo. could emerge unscathed.
- Tommy was fond of electronic.
- Denny was a 14-years old teenager, who was afraid of everything.
- David was in charge for pain. Others said that was his work and if Billy hurt his head by the wall or Reijen ruined a toilet then David received all the pain. He frankly didn't understand for what he got all this.
- Christina was a nice 3-years old child and she had a brother, Christopher.
- Adalana, the last of 10 main personalities, stopped in the age of 19, she wrote poetry and inclines to a non-traditional sexual orientation.

This man was known at the trial proceedings of robberies and rapes in 70-es. From his biography it is known that the split of personality happened at 8-9 years old. The boy was constantly humiliated and was beat by the stepfather, who raped him in addition. Exactly at that time the entire Billy's personality fell to the separate people.

Billy Milligan was accused of robbery and rapes of three women. In the insane asylum was revealed that robberis were done by Reijen and the rapes - by Adalana.

I've read a book about this man. "The Minds of Billy Milligan" by Daniel Keyes.