The story 0f Shinsaku Takasugi

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Sep 17, 2016 04:36 japan history
The story 0f Shinsaku Takasugi

高杉 晋作(Shinsaku Takasugi was borned in a former Choshu clan (now Yamaguchi Prefecture).

When it comes to the end of the Edo period Choshu clan lead the political situation in Kyoto by idea of 尊王攘夷。

(尊王攘夷 means to respect the emperor, trying to fight off a foreign country, a foreign enemy)

1862 Shanghai visit

When Shinsaku went to Shanghai, he's seen Chinese had become like a colony of the United States and Europe.

He had the idea of ​​trying to fight off a foreign country.

[Shimonoseki war]

Choshu clan took a shot foreign ships in the Kanmon Strait, but it was defeated by the US and France.

The United Kingdom , France, the Netherlands, the United States has re-attacked chousyu in Shimonoseki.

when I realized it,

Yamaguchi Prefecture


Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

It had become. . .

1862 British Legation burning

The burning was successful, the British Legation was up in flames.

Shinsaku has purchased the warship without notice.
Choshu clan is so surprised when it came the claim of a few billion there is no remember to order it.

[negotiation with 4 countries Union]

Shinsaku is standing in a field of discussions with 4 country coalition forces, He negotiatted with them haughty like as the devil.
Western side requests was "compensation $ 3 million payment", to borrow Hikojima territory of the clan."

Shinsaku at the negotiating table was majestic and dressed that Eboshi Hitatare, delegates said, "Is this guy willing to surrender?"
Shinsaku began lecturing folk history(Kojiki) without any harbinger.

Shinsaku talked "そもそも日本国なるは高天原より始まる。いざなきといざなみの神が出会い7つの島をお作りになった。エトセトラ”
Deragates was stunned.

Shinsaku said "we attacked you guys in the shogunate of instruction. So you shoud claim to the shogunate."

After that,Sougunate paid the compensation.

[Gong Temple raising an army]

In the Choshu clan, the party which push the shogunate closer political has become to occupy key positions.

Shinsaku went to Kouzan temple to raise an army alone.
He desided to fight chousyu clan army alone.

Then,Hirobuni ito said "Takasugi-san,I will fight and die with you."
He is our fierst primminister.

Shinsaku walked toward the enamy with 20 or 30 friends.
But chousyu clan army had about 10,000 soldiers.

Shinsuke walk about 100m,he got the friends more and more.

Finaly he got 300 freids.

They fought chousyu clan army bravery.

They won the fight.

Shinsaku respected 楠木正成。

This is a beatiful story.

Don't you think?

Shinsaku died due to tuberculosis

He was only 27.