The story of 乃木希典(Nogi maresuke)-part1

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Sep 19, 2016 09:12 japan history
The story of 乃木希典(Nogi maresuke)-part1

Rosso-Japanese War(1904-1905)

19th of august 1904

General Nogi attaced 旅順要塞(Ryojun fort) which was impregnable twice.
Many imperial sodiers died at that battles.
Japanese people & news paper blamed General Nogi very hard.

After that battles,General Nogi expressed his thank to them individually.
The character of General Nogi was strog engin to capture Ryojun fort.

Then,General Nogi changed the target.
The target was 203高地(203 highland) .
His strategy was to capture 203 hight land and fire the Russian Passific fleets.

The death squats climed the high land quickly.
The Russian sodiers were shot atthat battle field.
But the death squats rushed up to the hightland.
The Russian sodiers were frightened and fired machine-guns
to them.
So many imperial soldiers died.

The top of the high land was trenched.
Threfore the death squats stepped over these dead bodies.
Finaly,The death squads capture the top of the highland.
Over 10,000 imperial sodiers died at that battes.

The imperial sodiers fired cannons down to the Russian fleets.
The Russian fleets were annihilated.