What is ”Samurai Spirit”?

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Jul 25, 2016 09:48 sumurai spirit raugby
What is ”Samurai Spirit”?

I'd like to give a good example of it.

Rugby world cup 2015 Japan vs South Africa

South Africa was No3 of world Rugby rankings and Japan is No12.
South Africa won the championship twice.

Who on the earth has thought that Japan would win?

First half was JPN 13-12 RSA.
Japan had large good fight.

The remaining time is 5 minutes.
The score was JPN 29-32 RSA.

Luke Thomson talked to team mates,
"Who will change the history"
Everyboday said "We will".

OMG! I was going to likely come out anymore tears.

The remaining time is 30 seconds.
South Africa has committed a foul.

At this time,Japan had two options.

1.PG(penalty goal):It is safty but it will be draw.

2.ST(scrum try):It is a dangerius gamble,
but there is a possibility of victory.

Eddie Johnson of head coach instructed them select "PG".

But Michael Leitch of the captain said "ST, Let's get try"

Manabe also said "ST,ST. squeeze"
"Let's go gamble!"

Full house of spectators rose cheers of surprise.
One of british women shouted out "Come on Japan".

If Japan will committe a faul ,It will lose a game.
Japan did a short pass Insistently to make South Africa
consentrate the middle of the field.
And then Japan suddenly expanded into wide attack.

Finaly Karne Hesketh got a try. Japan won the game.
The Score is JPN 34-32 RSA.

It's a historical come-from-behind victory!

This is "Samurai Spirit".
We never give up!
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