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Hi there! I study languages for fun. I have a lot of contacts worldwide, so I can practice my languages via Skype nearly every day. I have a degree in sociology and worked for many years as a consultant for banks and as a teacher of Italian language. Hablo un poco de español. Ich habe Deutsch in der Schule studiert, aber ich erinnere mich wenig. Je connaîs un peu de français. Iniciante em Português. Абсолютно начинающий на русском языке. Studiate l'italiano? Vi aiuto con piacere. Rispondo a tutti. Ciao da Milano.

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I study languages. With native lang

I study languages because I like talking with people and it is a good exercise for my mind. I study English because it is essential for ...
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  • English 
Nov 29, 2016 03:12

Я изучаю языки With native lang

Я изучаю языки, потому что я люблю разговаривать с людьми и почему это хорошее упражнение для моего ума. Я изучаю английский язык, потом...
  • 71
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  • 7
  • Russian 
Nov 29, 2016 03:10

J'étudie les langues. With native lang

J'étudie les langues parce que j'aime parler avec les gens et pourquoi c’est un bon exercice pour mon esprit. J'étudie l’ang...
  • 30
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  • 1
  • French 
Nov 29, 2016 03:07

Eu estudo línguas With native lang

Eu estudo línguas porque eu gosto de falar com as pessoas e porque é um bom exercício para minha mente. Estudo inglês, porque é essencia...
  • 37
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  • 1
  • Portuguese(Portugal) 
Nov 29, 2016 03:06

Estudio idiomas. With native lang

Estudio idiomas porque me gusta hablar con la gente y porque es un buen ejercicio para mi mente. Estudio inglés porque es esencial para...
  • 25
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  • 1
  • Spanish 
Nov 29, 2016 03:04
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All Skype users, let's chat! You can't learn a language without actually speaking it. ...

Testimonials from My Friends

Charlie is an excellent reviewer of Italian. After I submit an entry, I'm glad when he has the time to have a look and offer corrections as well as alternative phrasing of sentences that would be used "in the everyday world". He will offer you thoughtful and expert guidance, as a native speaker of course, but also as a reviewer with much experience.