Japanese ghost, "AKANAME"

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Aug 28, 2009 23:17
Today's English lesson was talk about Japanese ghost,"AKANAME".

Teacher asked me about AKANAME,but I couldn't explain about it well.
So I checked up with Wikipedia.

Appearance: ruffled hair,has claws with feet
Place of living:Old bath-house(public bath),desolated old house
Trait: When people are fall asleep in midnight,
they trespass on bathroom and using long tongue,licking bath or bathtub's dirt.

AKANAME is just licking bath dirt,but old people thinking creepy to appear ghost.
They were always tried to keeping clean their bathrooms.

Word of "AKA" means impurity of mind or klesha or extra things.

So these story has instructive side, not only keeping clean the bathroom and also don't keeping impurity of mind in the body.

*Klesha means...
In English="defilement" or "poison"
In Japanese=煩悩
In Thai=กิเลส
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