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Dec 29, 2012 09:08 English 日本 Culture japanese manga anime

The other day, I came across a promotion video of the new Dragon Ball movie, which is to be released next year. Surprisingly the anime was broadcasted when I was at elementary school, and still has a lot of big fans. →Dragon Ball Z trailer:

Anime or manga is now considered as Cool Japan. I met many people who like amine and manga, they were even picking some Japanese words. my x-flatmates from France used to say “Itadakimasu” , meaning “have a nice meal”, all the time, even though they had no idea what it means.

On the other hand, some think of it childish. I myself like reading manga, and when I was reading on iPad, a girl from Germany got into me saying “I should read a real book!!”.

To be honest, I thought manga is not a thing for adult, but I had second thoughts when one of my Mexican friends told me his high spirits towards manga and anime. He explained that when anime is translated into English in general, it means cartoon, though, manga has a more complexed and meaningful story in it.

I cannot deny that there are some silly stories. However, some of them are so sophisticated that even adults can really enjoy. If you haven’t tried to read manga or watch anime, I highly recommend you to try some of them. A website below is the one I use. Enjoy it!!