Hard time gave me a chance of reconsideration

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Oct 10, 2012 09:15 English life essay challeng luck experience job
As I told you, I’ve been suffering from finding a job here in Sydney since I came here. Due to my visa condition, it’s not easy to do so at all. However, things are looking up. I finally managed to find a job. To be precise, I got two jobs. 

After a long string of bad luck, I finally got a lucky break. How this miracle happened? After all, it is a connection that helps you out with finding out a good job.

The other day, I told my teacher how miserable I had been my life in Sydney. He took pity on me, then introduced me his friend who owns a restaurant. I went for a job interview there in no time, though, the prospect wasn’t good, so I changed to a strategy of asking my classmate whether or not, I could take over his post, since he was leaving in a coulpe of weeks for his country.

I couldn’t get any answer from both jobs for a while. However, a few week later, my phone rang all of sudden. The both offered me to pay me twice as much money as I get from my current job. That’s nothing left to desire. I determined to take the two jobs, and I couldn’t be merrier, considering all effort I put into.

This is not the end of a story, I had been pretty excited to go on to work there until my flat mate told me she got much better job than me. I got the sense of jealousy towards her. What comes to mind was a thought that I could have found a better job than her. As the old saying goes, the grass is always greener the other side.

I had evaluated myself only good thing about me was that I was not the kind of person who is easily satisfied with themselves, I even though of complacency as my enemy. But this time, I have to re-evaluate myself. What I learnt from this lesson was that it’s ok to compromise myself sometimes of my life. I can’t expect better all the time. I should count myself lucky to find the job, and more than anything, I don’t want to go through such a hard time again!!