Murphy's Law

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Aug 19, 2012 17:25 English essay experience luck TOEFL life
Do you find yourself lucky or unlucky? For me, I’ve never thought of it in my life until last month. It was horrible, that is the only word I can describe it as. I even thought somebody was casting a spell on me. I underwent a really tough time in July, this experience reminded me of “Murphy’s Law”.

“Murphy's Law”, I learned about this in my class. As far as I understand, the definition of Murphy’s Law is something like this; something bad happens to you, even though you think it is unlikely to occur. My July was nothing less than following Murphy’s Law. one day, for instance, my agent called me about my future plan. They told me that a business school which I wanted to go to was going to close their course due to a lack of its participants. It was absolutely out of the blue for me, because I had been planning the course for almost 2 months and I even taken the entrance test for it.

After the unexpected news, my friend advised me to do something fun to steam off my anxiety, so I decided to go to watch a filme. Even worse, in the middle of the movie, an alram started to ring all of sudden, and every audiences forced to move out from the theatre. We were unable to watch the end of story. Needless to say, I was in quite a terrible mood. This is just one of the examples. If I had a command of English, I would write every single event I came across last month.

Compared to July, things are much better in August. However, I’m still in the midst of misfortune. I guess what I can do is to believe that good things come after bad ones.