Friends or Family?

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Aug 5, 2012 21:28 English essay experience
Friends or Family?

As a language leaner, I’m often asked the same question. “Which it is more important for you, your friends or family?” There is no exact answer for this question, which makes me feel uncomfortable to talk. Therefore, I’ve already prepared the answer. “For me, my friends are more important than my parents”.
That’s my idea. But the most important part comes after this: WHY?? As a matter of fact, most of my teacher or classmates usually object to or wonder my idea since they value their parents rather than their friendships. Ok fair enough, I’ll show my point of view in respect to relationships.

First thing spring up me is the fact that you cannot choose your parents. Whereas, you can find someone who has something in common with and build a great relationship. In terms of benefits we can receive, I’m sure nobody think of this topic because it’s a kind of an arrogant idea, there are many things to lear about establishing a good term with your fellows. I also believe those are necessary to survive our stressful society.

In addition to it, in all likelihood, your parents will pass away before you do. If you rely too much on your parents, not only you can’t be independent from your parents but also the loneliness you will feel because of lossing them will devastate you. Apparently what you need is friends who can back you up.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that it’s okay to treat our parents halfheartedly, like which many teenagers do during their adolescent period. More precisely, we ought to care for parents for sure, but they are not nearly as important as friends for those reasons I mentioned above.
The point is that you can’t choose your life but you can choose your companies.
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