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May 1, 2012 20:46 English essay TOEFL education
Students learn better in small classes. Schools should ensure that classes remain small for most effective learning. To what extent do you agree?

It is often said that one of the important factors in learning process is the number of students in a class. Because of this, some people believe educational institutions have to keep the number of students low. I also believe that this statement is certainly true.

The first reason that I think schools should control the number of participants is related to interactions. It is widely accepted that the efficient way to learn subjects is to interact between students and teachers, because interactions is one of the elements to intrigue people’s attentions. There is no doubt that the less there are people in classes, the more teachers and students have opportunities for interactions. In this way, the people in small classes can ask more questions than in large classes.

In addition, it is lots of easier for educators to monitor their students‘ skills if there are a few people in classes. Educators have to pay close attentions to students’ progress so that they can provide appropriate some advice about how to achieve student’s goals. Taking tutoring system as an example, if one teacher is tutoring many students, it would be difficult for him/her to organize the information about his/her students. This idea definitely suggests the statement.

Finally, we also have to admit negative points of a less-student strategy. Since there are a few people, the cost for lessons is more expensive. However, considering the delicate service we can receive, this is still beneficial to us.

In conclusion, while there are many arguments in regard to the number of students in classes, I strongly believe that schools try to minimalise the number of learners as few as they can.