Books vs Multimedia

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Apr 25, 2012 10:44 media English TOEFL essay
some people said the age of books is past. The information will be presented by video, computers, televisions, filmes. Others think the books and the written words will be necessary for spread information and complete education.

Over the course of years, the modern technology has made a tremendous influence on our lives. One of the advances of technology is providing information via the multimedia. I strongly feel that the new way of suppling information is beneficial for most of people in the world.

To begin with, one of the most significant features of multimedia is their speed. We able to access a variety of information immediately, which would have not happen if we had kept to use only books to convey information. In my case, for example, I often check up words that I do not know in Internet when I run across them, so I do not have to go library for it. This can save me time. It is very convenient particularly for student or business person.

In addition, another reason to support this statement is their grate range of information. It covers lot of fields, so that we can be familier with different categories, which we might not know without mass media. News programes are great example of this. News provide lots of information that might be beneficial for us and cover from business to science areas. In a super competitive society today, it is essencial to know a wide variety of knowledge.

Meanwhile, there is some negative aspects of media. Accuracy of information is the example of these. Even though it is quite easy to look up information, there is a potential that that information might be inaccurate. The reason for this is that anybody, even who are not proficient in the field, can write information on the Web. In this point, books are proven or consider the contents carefully before published.

In conclusion, while there are some negative aspects of the improvement of media, I firmly believe that the bright side of multimedia is necessary for us in a society today. But also, we have to monitor carefully the negative points of developments of information technology.

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