Be a book worm!!

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Aug 29, 2011 19:32 hobby book
People who are eager to read books are called book worm. We use exactly the same expression in Japan(本の虫 in Japanese). It is often said that reading books nurtures our spirits, and also many great men left lots of sayings about how important it is for us.
I haven't understood the value of reading books until recently. School days, teachers always forced us to read a lot of books. But I was kept to avoid to read books, because just I didn't like it. At that time I preferred to play video games or hang out with my friends, instead of reading. But now, turning 21, I realized that I'm apparently lack of knowledge. So I've started reading books, and amazing thing happened to me. It turns out that it is really interesting. I feel a little be ashamed on me, and I wish I was used to read many books.
Now I'm in a summer vacation. I made up my mind to read 30 books until the end of my summer vacation. I hope it can be a compensation for my school days.