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Aug 26, 2011 19:29 culture
I'm working at a supermarket, and recently often see foreign customers. Although my place is a countryside, there are various nationalities especially Korea. The other day, I was asked where a section for beers was by a middle-aged Korean woman. Her Japanese was good though, I had no sooner seen than I recognized her as a Korean. Because her appearance was a little different from Japanese ones. Since I have studied Korean, I replied to her question in Korean. She seem surprised, and smiled. It's nice to have a unexpected surprise like that.
In our history between Korea and Japan, we had tragedies of wars, and those have been still remain some serious issues in both of diplomacy. So these two countries haven't been reluctant to accept to each others' culture for many years. However, this trend has been changing recently. Since early 2000s, the Korean Boom has started with blockbuster success of the drama series. Now Korean singer groups are so active that they pop up TV programs in Japan, and vice versa.
We are not able to change the history, but we don't need to stick to the past insistently. Because we live now and are creating a new history. I hope these cultural exchanges will keep nurturing the friendship between the two countries.