Reasons Why Patamoes Is a Fail #2 : Writing

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Dec 24, 2013 18:19
You know what really sucks ? When you finally make up your mind to do something productive for once, but then it is just physically impossible for you to do it. In my case, it's writing. Younger, I used to write texts that deserved me a lot of compliments from my parents, teachers and even my uncle who is an author himself. They often told me I was gifted with a great talent.
But the truth is... I'm only good at writing essays or stories when it's for an exam or a homework. Other than in those times, I am not able to write a single sentence.
Well, actually I do write at least one sentence. But the more I look at it, the more I realize how bad it is, so I just erase it and here we are, back at square one, with a blank sheet. After a while, I just give up and go back to watching anime movies. ¨
I have this impression that I'm wasting my time but oh well.