To decrease crimes (an article written in my school days)

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Nov 18, 2013 00:30
Over the past year there is a dramatically increasing number of crimes in my neighborhood. I am very frightened whenever I hear the news of a crime that has happened in my neighborhood. I have to find a solution to decrease the number of crimes where I live.

I’d like to explain the background on this problem. I have lived in my town for eight years. The population of my town is about 2000 people. At first, my town was a very safe one and I lived without any fear, but nowadays more and more serious crimes happen in my neighborhood. They are mainly random violence or murder at night. Not only children and women, but also many men have been involved in such crimes. Such being the case, it is no wonder I might be injured or killed suddenly.

I can suggest three possible solutions. First one might be ask the police to patrol the town more often. Another solution might be to move to another town where there are few crimes. The other one is to try to make cooperation among those living in the town to prevent crimes.

Let’s consider these solutions to solve the problem realistically. If the police strengthened their patrol in my town, I would feel most relieved. Even though I ask them to do so, however, maybe the police won’t. The police don’t begin to work until any crime happens somewhere, you know. It is not a realistic solution for me to move another town, either. It is true that I could live more safely by moving to another town, but it doesn’t seem to be a radical resolution to this problem. It seems difficult and would take us a long time to make cooperation among those living in the town, but it, once made, would be able to decrease the number of crimes.

After looking at the all these solutions, the best one is to make cooperation among those living in the town, because it is the most realistic and possible one.
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