Story: It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang.

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Aug 9, 2013 12:29
It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. Helen was awakened by the ring. She jumped out of her bed and stood there in silence, wondering who was calling her at this time of day, or if there was something serious to happen.
After seconds of thinking, Helen went to pick up the phone. “Are you, Mrs.Smith?”, a strange man’s voice from the other side rose. “Yes, it’s me”, Helen answered with a quivering voice. The man continued “Your husband has had an accident on the bridge, come there right now”. “Yes, ye..s, I will…”, her voice trailed off in fright. She rushed out of the house without noticing anything. It was raining heavily outside.
“Jimmy, Jimmy!” Seating by the injured man and crying like a baby, she shouted his name. But when she turned his face, she suddenly realized that the face was not her husband’s. She called an ambulance and it arrived at once. She gave a doctor the man’s wallet in which she guessed there were his identity papers. She sighed with relief, watching the ambulance staff driving away, and wishing the man luckiness. She smiled to herself, knowing that this was just a mistake. Someone had called a wrong number.
She walked home at ease, thinking of her husband, who, in the moment of embarrassment, she forgot that was on business abroad.