B9 Writing Task 1.3 – Electricity production by fuel in Australia a...

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Aug 10, 2013 23:58
B9 Writing Task 1.3 – Electricity production by fuel in Australia and France

These four pie charts depict the sources of electricity in Australia and France in both 1980 and 2000. In 20 years electricity production almost doubled, rising from 100 units to 170 in Australia, and from 90 to 180 units in France.

In 1980, Australia produced half of its energy (50 units) using coal and the remainder was produced from natural gas, hydropower (each producing 20 units), and oil (which produced only 10 units). By 2000, however, coal become responsible for almost ¾ (130 units) of the energy produced in the country and only hydropower continued to be another significant soured supplying approximately 20% (36 units).

In contrast, France used coal as a source for only 25 units of electricity in 1980, the same amount produced by natural gas. The remaining 40 units were produced largely from oil and natural gas, respectively 20 and 15 units, hydro contributed for only 5 units. During a 20 years period, the country became very dependent on nuclear power, which was not used at all in Australia, this source were responsible for ¾ , at 126 unit , of the energy produced, oil and coal produced 25 units each. Other resources were no longer significant.

Overall, these two countries became dependent of one major source of energy: Australia relied on coal and France on nuclear power.