To represent my argument, I choose a photo of one graffiti painted ...

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Nov 6, 2014 08:26
To represent my argument, I choose a photo of one graffiti painted by the Brazilian renamed artists, Os Gemeos. In a plain grey wall under a highway, the artists write and draw a very simple, yet powerful message. Each of the three elements in the picture brings a specific message and interacting together in the same painting they, in some sense, represent the political scenario of Brazil.

Figure 1: Corruption a Country of Everybody

From left to right, the first personage is a mix of many symbols. Wearing a green long-sleeve-Brazilian-flag shirt, the person is both manuavireng a ball and holding bottle – which in my option seems to be of an alcoholic drink – he is also blind. The band blocking his vision is not the only strange detail above the neck of the personage, his face is strange, maybe a horse face, but he smiles, he cannot see but can smile. Next in the picture there is an political activist. He wears hoodie and writes a political phrase in the wall. His light-blue pants, orange zipper and the hoodie do not allow people to see much of his body and doing so prevent people to spot his identity. The third element is the phrase that in Portuguese says: Corruption a country of everybody. The phrase paraphrases one of the principal Brazil's Federal Government slogan that says: Brazil a country of everybody.
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