Children should learn a foreign language ate primary school?

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Aug 23, 2013 23:27
Children should learn a foreign language ate primary school? (advantages and disadvantages)


Being able to communicate in a foreign language is gaining importance because of globalization. In some schools, children start to study another language in the secondary school, some educators argue that children should be introduced to new languages earlier. Even though studying another language may have both positive and negative outcomes, another language should be learnt as young as possible.

Learning a new language in primary school can have several drawbacks. First, it could mean less time for the fundamentals of important subjects, such as math, mother language and science. Another disadvantage could be an overloaded agenda in early ages. Since children have a limited amount of time, studying another language may overload children’s agenda and disturb the learning process as a whole. Finally, it can overstress children, for example, stress during childhood has been identified as a recent problem, where children have too many appointments in their agenda. However, addressing this problem with better agenda planning can let children enjoy the benefits of being an early learner.

While there might be obvious disadvantages as mentioned, the advantages for early learning outweigh them. Children can pick up new words easier than adolescents do as well as pronounce them much better. Their brains seem to work as a sponge absorbing every new word they come across and they are less shy than teenagers to copy others’ way of speaking. For instance, my cousin is eight and has been studying English for 3 year. He always arrive home saying new words with very accurate pronunciation, even though sometimes he does not know how to explain the meaning of this new word.

In conclusion, early exposure to language learning can contribute to a better domain of the second language. Therefore, I strongly believe that all children should have to have the first contact with a second language as the younger, the better.