There is no doubt that some species of animals and even plants are ...

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Aug 23, 2013 04:20
There is no doubt that some species of animals and even plants are at risk of extinction mainly as a result of human activity. Since it reduces the biodiversity of our planet it is a disaster. This also could lead to the disappearance of many sources of essential products to humankind, such as food, medicines, raw material and so on. Therefore, I believe that some initiatives should put into practice to tackle this problem.

In order to find effective solutions to the issue, it is necessary to identify what is putting the local flora and fauna in danger of extinction. There are three main causes. First, for many years trees were cut down to produce furniture and floors. The second main reason is that some endangered species are hunted due to demand for traditional medicines, collections and other purposes. Finally, forests and savannahs are cleared to provide agricultural land.

One way to address the issue of production of floors, utensils and other products that are normally made of wood, is to use reforested trees. Interestingly, a few days ago, I bought a pencil, and there was a note that sad it had been made of reforested trees. In terms of the trafficking of plants and animals, there ought to be an increase in the surveillance of vehicles that travel in areas where there are plants and animals that are the target of trafficking, as well as in the borders of cities, states and even countries. Moreover, there are plenty of areas being used as farms. In order to increase agricultural production, farmers should pursue to find technologies to improve area yield instead of clearing more forests.

In conclusion, there is no single simple solution to the problem. However, if the measures mentioned are introduced, we could hope to save many animals from extinction.