It is true that animal testing has played an important role the adv...

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Aug 20, 2013 12:14
It is true that animal testing has played an important role the advancement in medicine. While some people argue that this reality should be changed in order to respect the life of animals, I strongly believe that we should keep testing new medicines in animals not only to the benefit of humans but of to the benefit of the animals.

The obvious arguments of those who support the idea to ban animals experiments are that some medicines may have unknown side effects and it may cause animals to suffer. In order to discover the best ways to cure a disease, sometimes, many different drugs are tested in animals. During this process, it common to discover that what was thought that could be the cure, has many drawbacks (e.g. pain, side effects, other diseases) The animals used in this type of experiments ended up suffering from these drawbacks.

However, the benefits of developing the best medicines overcome the suffering that some animal pass though. The medicine available nowadays to thread cardiovascular diseases can improve the quality life of humans and sometimes animals. For instance, we discover last year that my dog has a cardio vascular disease and to threat the problem it is possible to use the same medicine used by humans. Without the testing with animals, we probably would not have come to develop this specific medicine; this is also true to many other remedies.

In conclusion, although some animals may suffer from scientific experiments, the benefits to humans even, sometimes, to its specie overcome the suffering.