Many people have mistaken algae for the Loch Ness Monster.

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Apr 26, 2014 00:30
Many people have mistaken algae for the Loch Ness Monster.

I consider Leonardo a good friend

The water level of the Thames river was so high that every house close to that river bank was flooded.

I believe Rio to be the best touristic destination of Brazil.

The new Rio Advertising campaign was targeted at North-American people who live in the countryside and never go to the beach.

I think London, the England Capital, as one of the world’s most important financial centre.

Despite the fact that North-American see brother’s Write as the inventors of the airplane, Brazilians credit Santos Dumont with inventing the light bulb. Thus, Brazil declares Santos Dumont father of aviation.

I promise to keep a close eye to the question.

I prefer my holidays with more sun than rain

Not going to the cinema but rather going to the beach.
Going to the beach instead of going to the cinema.

I prefer beach to shop centre.

If the sport complex store opens before January, it will attract many professional skiers.

If this new international sports store opens in São Paulo before the Football World, it will sell a lot during the event

A new analysis of a old house discovered in Bahia, the first Brazilian State, reveals that this house is almost 3 years old than the supposedly first house of Brazil.

Reporting that one of its more crippling malfunctions had been the sudden malfunction of the cooling system, the team requested additional funding to develop better maintenance systems.

I am fascinated about historical places while I am indifferent towards disco clubs.
Some pundits like to associate the 60 with the decline of Western civilization.

My mentor attributes his career development to organizational intelligence

A large number of London Residents are native of other countries.

India is regarded as one of the best touristic destinations in the world.

It took me four times as long to write the report collaboratively as it would have taken by myself.

The movie’s ending was different from that of the book.

I must either read the newspaper of listen to the radio before I go to work.
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