Book 8 – Speaking 1 Part 2 - Describe a time when you were asked to...

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Aug 4, 2013 13:01
Book 8 – Speaking 1 Part 2 - Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion in a questionnaire or survey.

The last time I answered a survey was after I course I went to study marketing intelligence.

The survey was about the materials we received during the course, the quality of teachers, the facilities available for the course and my overall opinion about the course.

They also asked me if I would suggest the same course to colleagues. I answered yes because I was very satisfied with the whole course, from the facilities to the quality of the teachers. Despite of this, in an open question about general opinion I described some points that can make the course even better. For instance, the B-school should offer the course more often or during weekends.

I strongly believe in questionnaires as a tool to improve services or even to identify strengths of the service/products. Another important thing about a questionnaire is that it can be used to collect essential information about population, a prototype of product, etc.
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