Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by in...

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Aug 24, 2013 04:15
Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the the number of sports facilities. Others, however say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

A sedentary lifestyle can be a risk factor for many diseases. Some argue that promoting healthy activities in new sports complexes should be the major initiative to attack this problem. Improving public health is likely to need more than physical exercises alone.
The obvious arguments in favor of exercise are that it can prevent diseases, improve muscle tone and quality of life. People who exercise frequently are stronger, breath better and their hearts beat in a steady manner. For instance, In Japan it is very common to see people exercising in public parks and the country has one of the oldest populations in the world. Exercising is just one way to improve health and quality of life
However, it is also possible to tackle the issue with different very effective initiatives, from promoting better eating habits to increasing the number of doctors available per person. When they are eating healthy food, people feed their bodies with essential nutrients and vitamins, which can affect how they feel and even avoid certain cancers. More general practitioners per person tends to facilitate access to information about how to prevent diseases and about medicines. For example, people who eat too much greasy food may suffer from cardiovascular diseases that may lead to heart attacks or even strokes. Easier access to a doctor who can prescribe medicines for them as well as make them aware of the necessity of better eating habits would be helpful to them.
In conclusion, promoting the practice of sports should not be the only way for society to boost public health. Society should tackle this issue with a more holistic approach.