Excessive traffic has made cities unpleasant places to live and wor...

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Aug 23, 2013 07:29
Excessive traffic has made cities unpleasant places to live and work in. For this reason, private cars should be completely banned from city centres.
To what extent do you agree or disagree? –


It is true that many cities are implementing pedestrian zones in the city centres in order to improve the community well-being, reduce air pollution, and better conserve the area for future generations. Yet, no town council has completely banned motor vehicles from entering the city centre. There are several reasons why I believe this should be done.

The main reason is that pedestrian zones in city centres can improve the local environment and consequently the well-being. Instead sealed roads, there would be threes, grass and cycle lanes. At the same time, people would walk or cycling more than what they are used to, while breathing a cleaner air. This, for instance in happening the old port revitalization in Rio de Janeiro.

A second reason why I am in favour of cars being banned is to reduce air pollution. Air pollution is strongly related with respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. People who working in the city centres are more likely to suffer from these diseases.

Finally, I am sure that cars should be banned to preserve the city centres for the generations to come. City centres are an important part of any cities’ heritage and in most cases, they were not designed for motor traffic. The streets are a narrow, there are not enough cars parks, the streets and buildings suffer from the passing vehicles. For example, in São Paulo, city centre there is this beautiful stoned street with a stunning cathedral and because of the cars traffic almost every year the municipal government has to restore the street and sometimes the church is close due to foundations’ repairs.

In conclusion, the city centres should be spaces where people could enjoy walking and the environment, cars should not be allowed to enter in this areas. It could improve the community well-being and help to preserve this cities’ heritage to the next generations.
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