Describe a festival: New Year's Eve

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Aug 8, 2013 08:59
Describe a festival: New Year's Eve

New Year ’s Eve in one of the most celebrated day in my country. This annual holiday is just followed by another very important holiday, which is Christmas. Sometimes peoples just prolong the New year’s Eve one day until X-mas, so it becomes a small vacation.

I clearly remember my childhood, my immediate family used to travel with cousins, uncles, grandfather, grandmother and so on. Those were really good times.

Over this period we have music, gift-giving, special meals, and in the night of 31 of December to 1 of January, all over Brazil we have huge amount of people waiting for fireworks to announce that we reach a new year. Because it is summer time here in Brazil during the celebration we have good temperatures and it is pleasant to spend some hours with open air activities. In places like Rio de Janeiro, some people just stay on the beach after midnight until the next day in the morning to swim.