BOOK 9 – Test 4.1 The graph below gives information from a 2008 rep...

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Aug 4, 2013 09:03
BOOK 9 – Test 4.1 The graph below gives information from a 2008 report about consumption of energy in the USA since 1980 with projections until 2030

The line graph shows energy consumptions in the USA from 1980 to 2008, and projected consumption to 2030.

Petrol and Oils are the major source of energy thought this period, with 35 quadrillion (35q) units used in 1980, rising to 42q in 2012. Even though there was some initial fluctuation, from 1995 there was a steady increase. This is expect to continue, reaching 47q in 2030.

Consumption of energy derived from coal and natural gas is similar over the period. In 1980 it was 15q and 20q respectively, coal presented a gradual increase while gas fallen initially, with the two fuels equal between 1985 and 1990. Consumption has fluctuated since 1990 both now provide 24q. Although coal is predicted to increase steadily to 31q in 2030, gas will remain stable at 25q after 2014.

In 1980, energy from nuclear, solar/wind and hydropower were equal at 4q. Nuclear has risen by 3q and solar/wind by 2q. After slight increases, hydropower has fallen back to 1980 figure. It is expected to maintain this level until 2030. While the other should rise slightly after 2025.

Overall, the USA will continue to be very dependent on fossil fuels, with renewable and nuclear energy sources remaining relatively insignificant.