Tokyo City Keiba(TCK)

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Aug 15, 2009 22:56
I went to Tokyo City Keiba (TCK) last weekend.
先週末(せんしゅうまつ)にTokyo City Keiba (TCK) に行ってきました。

"Keiba" is a horse race.

And "TCK" is the only horse racing in the urban center.

It is held at night from spring to autumn.

So it is beautiful and fantastic to watch illuminated horses.

And then I bet on the favorite at the main race.

But in the last 300 meters, the rider fell from his horse!!

Unbelievable!! Of course I lost that race..
信じられない!! 当然(とうぜん)、私はそのレースに負けましたよ。。
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