272. Second Job

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Jun 8, 2019 14:57
I finished my English class, and just got to my favourite cafe. I'm going to study English until work.

I recently started to work at a bar at night. I have to save money so I'm working there since two weeks ago in secret to the company of my daytime job. I'm there four times a week. It's just a temporary job. I sometimes have to sing a song. I sang "Kabutomushi" last night. It's almost always fun to talk to customers. The owner is 54, and the manager is the same age as me. Our Chinese astrology signs are all the snake. According to the owner, it's good gathering the people who has same signs into the same place. In general, the snake is known as an evil symbol. According to her, however, it also has a good meaning.
They're kind.

I don't have enough time on weekdays so I'm happy today that I can have time to study at a desk. I hope all my friends here have a nice weekend!


Chinese astrology sign 干支