Wild Cats

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Feb 11, 2019 23:11
Today, I returned home.
There are some cats that live around the back of my apartment complex. Since I moved here, I've been thinking that I didn't(/don't) like them because sometimes they're noisy. However, surprisingly, I've now become interested in them. They're like my pets. I don't feed them, but when I go out or return to my apartment, I always look for them. If they suddenly disappeared, I'd miss them. I've started to like them. :)

return home /return to my apartment

feral 野生化した
∟a feral cat 野良猫

❤️grow on だんだんに気に入るようになる
❤️have a soft spot for ~に弱い、~が大好き、~に愛着がある、~をかわいがる
(I've developed a soft spot for them.)