254. It Stunned Me

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Mar 10, 2019 18:21
Yesterday I went to Kyoto and visit the kimono wholesale company that I wrote about in my previous entry. A staff member taught us a lot of really interesting things about kimono. After that, we had lunch there, and then we tried on many colors and patterns of kimonos. It was so fun. I wanted to buy some of them, but the prices were incredibly high. The one I tried was over 200,000 yen, even at wholesale price! That stunned me. I declined their sales talk politely.
On the way home, I was disappointed because I thought it was unlikely that I can afford to collect kimonos.(I was disappointed at the thought of not being able to collect kimonos.)
After I got back home, I looked for some online shops offering nice affordable kimonos. I eventually found a store! It has a lot of brand-new and used kimonos, and all of them are made of silk! It gave me hope! Anyway, I bought a belt for kimono at the store. It was used but looked very nice, and of course it was inexpensive! I'm looking forward to seeing it. I hope that I can buy a brand-new kimono someday :)
昨日京都へ行きました。着物の卸売業者のスタッフは、私たちに着物についてたくさんのことを教えてくれました。とても興味深い内容でした。そのあとそこでお昼ご飯を食べ、たくさんの色や柄の着物を試着しました。すごく楽しくて、いつくか欲しくなりました。でもその価格は驚くほど高かった。私が着たものは、卸価格なのに20万円を超えていました。びっくりしました。笑 営業トークを丁重にお断りしました。笑

家に帰って、素敵で手頃な価格で着物を販売しているネットショップがないか探しました。嬉しいことに、ついに見つけました!そのお店は新品と中古の着物をたくさん販売していて、全て素材はシルクです。希望の光が見えました!ひとまず、そこで着物用の帯を買いました。それは中古だけどすごく素敵に見えたし、もちろん低価格でした。それを見るのが楽しみです。いつか新品を買えたらいいな :)

★try on clothing 試着する (onをつける!)
incredibly high/expensive ⚠️ 形容詞は副詞で修飾
★It was so much fun ("so much fun")

sales talk
※複数にしたいなら"all of their sales talks"

made of (材料、素材) made of silk
made by (作り手や機械) made by him

a belt for kimono / a kimono belt 着物の帯

arbitrary 恣意的な、気まぐれな/独断的な、勝手な
off-hand 即座に、今すぐに
astronomical 桁外れに大きい/天文(学上)の
flabbergast 〜にびっくり仰天する (通例受け身)
∟I was flabbergasted by (at)〜
spiel (くだけて) 客寄せ文句/大袈裟な話
buoy (人を)励ます
∟It buoyed my spilits!