January 11th - The Anniversary of My Friend's Death

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Jan 11, 2019 16:32
Today is the anniversary of my friend's death, so I'll write about him for the repose of his soul.

When I was a second year of junior high school student, my classmate, who belonged to the baseball club, passed away due to a traffic accident. He was popular, so some of my female friends liked him. Also, he always warmed up the atmosphere of my class. He often sang a strange song, and liked kind of dirty jokes.lol It was really hard to resist laughing.
On January 4th, fifteen years ago, I had volleyball club practice in the early morning. It was the first practice of the year. Then the coach gathered us together and told us that he'd been hit by a bus, so he was in the hospital at that time, and he was unconscious.
I was confused when I heared that. To be honest, at
first, I didn't understand how serious his situation was. I didn't know why, but I thought he would come back to our classroom. Since I didn't have an enough experience, I couldn't imagine what would happen thereafter. A few days later, he hadn't come back yet. We made a thousand paper cranes per class. I prayed hard and wrote a letter to God saying, Please gave him a miracle" many, many times. However, in the end, he passed away in the early morning on January 11th..

It was my first time experiencing someone's death when I was old enough to understand. Also it was my first time knowing there are impossible things, no matter how strongly I hope.
After I went back to my house, I cried and couldn't do anything, but at the same time, I thought about his death. I'd been thinking about it while I was crying, and I felt like I finally got an answer. It's that we cannot see him never, even if we really want to do that. He was not in this world any more. It's a general knowledge, but I needed a few days to understand that.

After he passed away, I and some of my friends sometimes visited to his house to burning an incense stick and talk to his mother about him. While talking with her, I learned that he had talked about me, saying that I was good at playing the piano and running marathon. I was surprised to hear that, because he didn't told me. I was glad to know that, and I really missed him.

One day, a thought came to me. It was that if we died, we will be able to meet again in heaven. I want to believe it. That's because it's a really hopeful thought. It also made me relax a little.

His baseball uniform number was "1", and he passed away on January 11th. I thought that it was like he was saying "Please remember me".

This is a super long post, so I'd be happy if you correct even a few paragraphs.:) Thank you for reading.
1月11日 友達の命日




その日以降、私と何人かの友達は、お線香をあげたり、彼のお母さんと彼の話をするために、時々彼の家を訪ねていました。 そこで私は、彼がお母さんに、私がピアノが上手い事やマラソンが速いことを話してくれていたと知りました。彼は私にそんなこと言わなかったから、びっくりしました。それを聞いて嬉しくて、彼に会いたくなりました。




for the repose of his soul 彼の冥福のために
resose: n)休息、平穏 v)休む、永眠している
⚠️早朝に(普通ver) : early in the morning
早朝に(ちょっと詩的) : in the early morning
rally 自)集める、集結する/持ち直す
He gathered us together 彼は私たちを集めた
many, many times 何度も何度も
when I was old enough to understand 理解するに十分な年になった時(になってから、)
⚠️old enough to do 〜できる年齢の
bamp ぶつかる、衝突する(自ら)
He had been hit by a bus バスと衝突した(バスから)

subordinate clause 従属節
explicit 明確な
an ordering of event 出来事の配列、整理
unconscious 意識不明の/無意識の
Imagination 想像力、創作力(前向きなニュアンス?)
⚠️thereafter その後 (hereafterと混同しない)
construct n)文の構成
detached (態度,感情等が)冷静な,冷めた,距離のある
detachment n)冷静さ、公平無私/無関心
a sense of detachment 冷静な感じ
(achieve a sense of〜 〜感を得る、〜感を覚える ⇄give)
light an incense stick お線香をあげる
⚠️(light:灯す burn:燃やす)
as if 〜 まるで〜かのよう
finally ついに (⚠️修飾したい動詞の直前に置く)
connective n) 接続詞、連結詞、接続するもの
readability 読み易さ、面白く読めること
in place of 〜の代わりに
actively 積極的に、活発に/前向きに
arbitrary 気まぐれ、独断的な、任意、恣意的な
abrupt ぶっきらぼうな、無愛想な/思いがけない
⚠️correct は他動詞なので直後に目的語がいる
⚠️heaven に theはいらない (in heaven)
It also made me a little more relaxed.(元から少しはリラックスしてたようなニュアンスになる)
It also made me relax a little.(元の状態には触れず、少し安らぎを与えてくれた というようなニュアンスになる)

🗣A thought came to me 一つの考えが浮かんだ
(came up with me :発明や創造のニュアンスが入る)