255. The Last Working Day

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Mar 22, 2019 23:48
I quit my job last week. I start a new one on April 1st. Recently, I have been just chilling.
On the last day at the former company, I talked a lot with my co-workers. They had bought a whole cake for me. Then the realization struck me anew that I was never going to come to the office again, and I felt a bit sad because I could tell I'm going to miss them and my workplace. We talked about going out for dinner together in the near future. It was
sometimes difficult to think like this while working there, however, I thought I'd been happy since I'd been working with nice people.
I'm looking forward to meeting my new co-workers on April 1st :)

quit my job 仕事を辞めた (theじゃなくてmyを使う)
Recently, I've been 〜ing 最近〜している
former company/old company 前の会社
realization 認識
struck(strikeの過去形) 打つ、たたく
anew (adv) 新たに、改めて
I was never going to do 〜することはもうなかった
I miss them 彼らが恋しい、会えなくて寂しい
in the near future 近いうちに(the near の語順!)
my new co-workers (my new の語順!)
recognize は目的語が必ず必要。
infancy (乳)幼児期
∟its infancy (発達の)初期の段階