Osaka Castle And Red Leaves

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Nov 8, 2018 19:03
These days, it has been fine. I went walking around Osaka Castle yesterday. It was my first time back there since the spring. It was a weekday, but there were still a lot of tourists. I was glad to see them because I've been worried about how the last big typhoon affected tourism in Osaka due to the damage of Kansai International Airport.
(〜because I'd been worried about the Osaka economy ever since the last big typhoon damaged Kansai International Airport.)

Many trees have turned red, orange, or yellow. It made me appreciated just how beautiful Osaka Castle is during the autumn. I want to go running there again before winter kicks in.:)

go walking around 〜へ散歩に行く
It was my first time back there since the sping.
still 〜にも関わらず(Neverthelessよりカジュアル)
tourism 観光事業
ever since 〜以来ずっと
caused to 〜に面倒をかける
appreciate 良さに気づく、真価を認める、正しく理解する
kick in 〜が始まる、作動する、蹴る
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