253. Kimono Coordinate

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Mar 8, 2019 14:32
I'm going to a kimono wholesale company in Kyoto with my kimono teacher and classmate tomorrow. Apparently, a staff member of the company is going to coordinate a kimono for each of us. I want to buy something there, but maybe I should so after I get used to my new job.🙈
I have to tell her what style of kimono I want to wear.
My teacher is over sixty, older than my mother, but she always wears various types of kimonos beautifully. What's more, she is always kind :)
I casually began learning how to wear kimonos, but now I'm into it.

get used to 〜に慣れる
for each of us 私たちそれぞれ(一人一人)に
⚠️cordinate (名詞で"コーディネート"の意味はない!動詞のみ。)