My Parasol was Broken by The Wind

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Jun 30, 2018 10:33
Good morning. it rained heavily yesterday in Osaka, but it's sunny today.

Yesterday, I came back from a business trip to Tokyo. I exchanged business cards with many people there. In the evening, we had a dinner at Izakaya. There were no woman, almost people were men about over fourty. They taught me a lot about the business and the other things, because they have plenty of life experience. That's why I enjoyed dinner.

Actually, I was a little nervous for a few days, so I was on the Shinkansen going back to Osaka, I could sleep peacefully. Hmm, after all, I love Osaka!
When I arrived in Osaka, surprised and puzzled that it was rain heavily. Because my parasol was broken by the strong wind in the afternoon. So I dropped by a coffee shop to wait stopping a rain. An hour later, it seems like stopped, so I went back to my apartment. Anyway, I have to buy a new parasol again!