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Jul 26, 2009 01:02 tv game
Today I went to the junk shop to buy some Kusoge.
Kusoge means "shit game" or "abysmal title" and it is very famous genre in Japan today.
Now Kusoge has a big market in Japan. Some authors released guidebook of it and it cause to soaring price of them.
For example, famous Kusoge "death crimson" is now 10.000yen in Akihabara.

I don't want to pay such a big cash, so I went junk shop in out country and bought 18 title games with 100 yen each.
It was very similar feeling with diggin old obscure records as DJ.

I got some good staffs in a picture you can see.
Especially 'Ronde' was very interesting. The game was set on Tokyo in near future, but it says July 2008. Things in this game were almost preposterousness so it was too hysterical to play.

Some games like 'Shin Shinobi Den' were purely fun. The game its-self was so crazy but system was first rate.
Today, I need to sleep soon, so I would like to play them again tomorrow. :)

in japanese (直訳じゃなくて雰囲気なので違うと思います)